Propolis Solution

Our Propolis Solution is made using clear, pure alcohol to extract the resin in a high concentration.

Ultra Strength for the immune system

Raw Propolis scrapped directly from the beehives

The so-called "bee glue"

Melefsis Propolis Solution is made of propolis that we collect from our hives all year round. It has a propolis content of 25%, thus ensuring its maximum performance.

External use:
Apply 1-2 drops to irritations, minor injuries and pimples.
Internal use:
Dissolve 20 drops in a glass of milk, tea or water. Drink the solution or use it for gargles and care of the oral cavity.

Store in a dark and cool place away from children.

Some people may experience increased sensitivity and allergic reaction to propolis and bee products.

* The use of propolis is not and does not replace medication



Propolis 20ml 2+1 δώρο (9€/τμχ)