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Melefsis is a family run nomadic beekeeping company. It was founded in 2013 by Petros Iliadis, driven by his interest in a more natural way of living, away from the city’s hectic life. Beekeeping started as a hobby for him, but fascinated by the world of bees, he quickly developed it to a full time occupation. In 2015 Adam Cosgrove joined the family and the bees. Coming from the Yacht industry, he fell in love with the bees and exported our honey in UK. Elia Iliadi with her graphic & design knowledge created company ID. 

Petros made his own Youtube channel to help other beekeepers who just started their beautiful journey.

Today he has over 18.000 beekeepers followers driven by the same passion and love for bees. As he says "together we're gonna build and change beekeepers community in Greece 

#honeyharvest #thymehoney #spetseshoney


Our goal is to provide to our customers the finest quality of honey and bee products. Watch out ! you can get yourself addicted..


Our mission is the collection of high quality raw honey with the particular characteristics of each location’s plant life. Honey, like wine, varies from season to season and is totally depended on nature’s changes. Therefore we aim to supply our customers with a unique artisan product in every crop.We are also dedicated to the distribution of all bee products (bee pollen, wax, propolis & royal jelly) in a processed or raw form.


Natalia Kedra-Iliadi-PR & Web designer

I support my husband in his work, from the very first beehive he bought. Together we create high quality products and make our consumers happy! Melefsis as company is close to their customers, always ready to answer any questions.

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