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Our honey infused with five spice is a reference to China, where it originates. With dominants the sweet and hot notes of cinnamon, anise and clove, the roots of this blend are lost in the mists of history. Antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic are some of the properties of these natural ingredients.

The use of bee products  does not replace medication.

Packaging: 260 g



Use Melefsis five spice honey like sauce, glaze or in a marinade. Pairs with:


duck, chicken, pork, lamb, beef


shrimps, scallops

asian cuisine

fried rice, noodles


fruit salads, pineapple, mango



loukoumades, cakes, cookies, pancakes, yogurt, ice cream

roasted nuts

almonds, pistachios, chick peas

5 spice infused honey 260GR

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