Rose & Pepper Infused Honey 260GR

Rose & Pepper Infused Honey 260GR


Our honey infused with rose, pepper and cardamom, is a reference to North Africa. Influenced by the Tunisian spice mixture known as Baharat, our own version, slightly modified, is meant to awaken your senses and childhood memories!

Rose contains vitamin C and elements that help body’s metabolism and detoxification. It is a natural aphrodisiac and relieves stress and depression.
Pepper helps the gastrointestinal system, is antioxidant and antibacterial. Finally, cardamom helps cholesterol control, is an anticonvulsant and combats dental diseases.

Packaging: 260 g



Use Melefsis Rose & Pepper Honey like sauce, glaze or in a marinade. Pairs with:


goat cheese, white soft cheeses

fruit salats


milk, tea, cocktails, refreshments

quaker and cereals


puddings, cakes, tarts, semolina halva, baklava, apple pie, yogurt, ice cream, sorbet